Eight out of ten users watch some type of streaming

Integral Ad Science today published its latest study, entitled Press Play: CTV & Publicidad, on the use and preferences of Spanish consumers regarding Connected TV (CTV), as well as their experience with advertising on content platforms in streaming.

The first thing that highlights the work is the increasing adoption of the CTV by Spanish users, which this year has reached record figures as a result of the confinements and the greater number of hours on the couch. Just as streaming video content services are part of homes. In fact, nine out of ten Spanish Internet users watch streaming content through Connected TV. And the majority of them (87%) watch some type of streaming video content with advertising on Connected TV.

In addition, the study reveals that users prefer Connected TV for the advertising experience it offers them. In this sense, 97% of Connected TV users think that there are characteristics of the advertising experience on CTV that make it better than traditional television. Among them, users remarked that it has fewer ads (35%), that they are shorter (32%) or that there are fewer ads that are repeated (24%). Another interesting fact is that 32% of respondents usually see the ads on CTV and sit down for it.

Regarding the main motivations of users to watch Connected TV with advertisements, the study highlights that they do so due to the quantity and diversity of content. In fact, 39% of users like to have a wide range of content to choose from. In addition, 38% prefer CTV because they watch video content that is not available on other services. And 17% declare that they like that there are advertising breaks similar to those of traditional television.

In line with the above, it is highlighted that context is a very important element for Connected TV users to see the ads. In fact, 70% of them are likely or highly likely to see an ad to the end if it is contextually relevant.

Finally, it is highlighted that multitasking is an activity carried out by users while watching Connected TV. In fact, 98% of CTV users use an additional device while streaming content. And some of them (24%) multitask specifically to search for the products featured in Connected TV ads.

Benito Marín, Senior Manager, Customer Success, in Spain and Portugal at Integral Ad Science, points out that “the study data shows that users are now more and more open to video advertising options on Connected TV in Spain. In addition , it is important for marketers to understand the value consumers place on the context and relevance of an ad within their streaming experience, which often leads them to see the ads through to the end. As CTV continues to grow, marketers can leverage this information to better connect with their audiences and focus on media quality. “

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